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Research Inte​​rests

  • Functional foods production, sensory perception, development, safety and preservation

  • Use of nanotechnology to enhance plant performance in Boreal Ecosystem

  • Spatial, functional and compositional lipid metabolism in response to environmental stressors

  • Influences of gut microbiome on brain lipid metabolism and brain health

  • Chemometrics and Lipid modeling

  • Increase yield, nutritional and value added production in control systems agriculture and alternative forage production systems

  • Hydroponics: (sprouted fodder, herbs and vegetable production)

Grants and Awards

  • $328,139, Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Advance Skills & Labour - Workforce Innovation Centre. Role: Co-Investigator. Start Date: November 2017. Title: Bridging the divide- Connecting and preparing refugees for work in the Province’s Agriculture Industry.

    • Collaborators: Mumtaz Cheema, Sarah Thompson (Principal Investigator). 

  • $10,000, Memorial University Seed, Bridge and Multidisciplinary Grant. Role: Principal Investigator. Title: Lipid Imaging as a tool to understand microbial metabolites induced alterations of spatial brain lipid metabolism: Implications in neuropsychiatric disorders. Start date: June 1, 2017.

    • Collaborators: Sukindher Cheema, Jacqueline Blundell.

  • $152,000, Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada, Growing Forward 2, Memorial University, Provincial Department of Fisheries and Land Resources. Role: Principal Investigator. Start date: May 1, 2017. Title: The Functional and quality indices of wild and hybrid Newfoundland berries.

    • Collaborators: Samir Debnath, Karen Doody, Sukindher Cheema and Mumtaz Cheema.

  •  $15,000, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT): Role: Principal Investigator. Start date: Jan 2017. Title: Use of nanoparticles to improve plant growth performance.

  •  $334,000, RDC Leverage. Role: Principal Investigator. Start Date: March 1, 2017. Title: Establishment of a Functional Foods Research Program at the New Boreal Ecosystem Research Facility- MUN. 

  •  $5,000, Teaching grant, Memorial University. Role: Co-principal Investigator. Start date: May 2017. Title: Artist in residence at the Boreal Ecosystem Research Facility.

    • Collaborator: Barb Hunt (Co-principal Investigator).

  •  $10,000- Agri-Foods Canada: Role Principal Investigator: Start Date: June 1, 2016. Title: Improved  soil health, forage yield and forage quality via intercropping vine soybeans and forage corn.

    • Collaborator: Vanessa Kavanagh.

  • $125,000, NSERC Discovery, Start date: April 1, 2016. Role: Principal Investigator. Title: Oxylipins as novel sources of soybean tolerance to Phytophthora sojae infection. 

  •  $15,000, Research and Development Corporation, Start date: May 9, 2016. Role Principal Investigator. Title: Use of natural antioxidants to improve the shelf-life and sensory qualities of herbal soaps. 

    • Collaborator: Mikaela Wilson (co-principal applicant)


  •  $100,000, Research Development Corporation, Start Date: Jan 1/2015. Role: Collaborator. Title: Understanding soil fertility under land use change scenarios. 

    • Collaborators: Adrian Unc (Principal Investigator), Mumtaz Cheema, Vanessa Kavanagh.

  • $100,000, Research Development Corporation, Start Date: Jan 1, 2015. Role: Collaborator. Title: Biomass production and phosphorus availability from dairy manure in silage corn. 

    • Collaborators: Adrian Unc (Principal Investigator), Mumtaz Cheema, Vanessa Kavanagh.

  • $5,000, Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada, Start Date Sep 1, 2015. Role: Principal Applicant, Title: Influences of soil acidity on soybean root membrane phospholipid metabolism, plant acclimation, forage quality and yield as a function of production in acid soils. 

    • Collaborator : Ashley Mullins

  • $50,000, National Research Council (IRAP), Start Date: March 1, 2014. Role: Collaborator. Title: Biosynthesis of Monoacetyldiacylglycerols

    • Collaborators: Ahamed Hussain (Principal Investigator), Sreeshailom Aare. 

  • $2,500, Associate Vice President Research Grant, Memorial University (Start Date Sept 1/2014). Role: Principal Investigator. Title: The use of herbs and spices based marinates to reduce heterocyclic amines formation in grilled meats.

  • $100,000, Research Development Corporation. Start Date: Nov 1/2014. Role: Principal Investigator. Title: Potential of sprouted fodder as an alternative animal feed source for Newfoundland and Labrador agricultural Industry 

    • Collaborators: Adrian Unc, Mumtaz Cheema, Jose Lam, Vanessa Kavanagh. 

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