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Novel unfiltered beer-based marinades to improve the nutritional quality, safety, and sensory

Natalia P. Vidal*, Charles Manfula, Thu H. Pham, Evan Wheelea, Peter Stewart,Dwayne Keough, Raymond Thomas*

Food Chemistry 2020, Volume 302,125326;


Ruminant meat is considered an excellent source of proteins, dietary fatty acids and essential minerals. Grilling is a popular cooking method; however, the high temperatures employ could modify the grilled meat quality and safety. In this study, the effects of novel beer-based marinades infused with herbs and spices on the quality, safety, and sensory perception of grilled beef and moose meat is examined. Unmarinated meat showed high content of volatile lipid oxidation and Maillard reaction products compared to the marinated samples, which contained higher number and abundance of terpenes and sulfur based compounds. Strong relationships between Maillard products and heterocyclic amines formation, as well as between volatile terpenes and the lipophilic antioxidant activity, were observed in the grilled meats. The findings suggest the unfiltered beer-based marinades were effective in reducing lipid oxidation and Maillard reaction compounds formation, while improving the nutritional quality, safety and sensory preference of grilled ruminant meats.


Grilled ruminant meat; Volatile metabolites; Oxidation; Unfiltered beer-based marinades; Maillard reaction compounds; SPME-GC/MS

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