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Unfiltered beer based marinades reduced exposure to carcinogens and suppressed conjugated fatty acid

Charles Manful*, Natalia P. Vidal, Thu H. Pham, Muhammad Nadeem, Evan Wheeler, Melissa C. Hamilton, Karen M. Doody, Raymond Thomas*

Food Control 2020, Volume 111,107040;


•Novel beer marinates retained high levels of meat anti-carcinogenic linoleic acids.

•Marination significantly suppressed formation of carcinogenic heterocyclic amines.

•The novel beer marinades enhanced the antioxidant and phenolic content of meats.

•Marination with beer marinades suppressed lipid oxidation in grilled meats.


Grilled meat consumption is associated with exposure to carcinogenic compounds and increased risk factors for cancers. We investigated the efficacy of novel formulations of unfiltered India session ale and Wheat ale based-marinades enhanced with antioxidant-rich herbs and spices to suppress formation of carcinogenic heterocyclic amines (HCAs) while protecting anticarcinogenic conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs) from lipid oxidation in grilled ruminant meats. Both formulations significantly enhanced the polyphenolic content of grilled beef by 54–71% and moose meat by 178–314% compared to their unmarinated controls. The antioxidant activities increased by 57–96% and 58–139% with concomitant suppression of total conjugated linoleic acid oxidation by 30–37% and 432% in grilled beef and moose meats respectively compared to their unmarinated counterparts. Furthermore, 88–97% of HCA suppression and 61–71% of CLAs retention came from phenolics in the marinades. This system could be useful for reducing the risk factors associated with red meat consumption while promoting health.


Heterocyclic amines




Conjugated linoleic acid

Lipid oxidation

Grill meat safety

Session beers

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